Orders for event tickets (hereafter tickets) placed through this website (tixtickets.net) will be fulfilled by TicketEvolution. USER denotes the customer ordering event tickets through tixtickets.net. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Tickets purchased through tixtickets.net can NOT be resold. By agreeing to these TERMS and POLICIES, USER understands that event tickets sold through this tixtickets.net may be obtained by Ticket Resellers operating in the secondary ticket market and maybe resold above or below the face value. USER agrees and understands that the ticket price as shown on their order and paid by USER for said tickets may be higher or lower than the original purchase price shown on the face of the ticket. This tixtickets.net and Ticket Evolution are not affiliated with any venue, sports team, or performer and are not a primary box office. All prices are in United States dollars. USER will be charged the cost of ticket as shown on tixtickets.net plus delivery the charge and service charge as outlined during the ordering process. Prices stated may include sales tax as appropriate. Tax will be shown as a separate charge. USER’s CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD will be charged the full amount of tickets and all associated fees at time of sale confirmation. tixtickets.net may authorize USER’s card prior to sale confirmation while confirming ticket availability resulting in a held amount. If tickets are not available, card will be fully refunded. Holds may take several days to clear. USER understands that ALL SALES ARE FINAL at the time USER confirms the order and USER agree to pay ALL associated cost, fees and taxes (if any) to complete their order. Upon successful completion of the sale, SER will receive an email confirmation notice showing confirmation number and all appropriate information about venue, performer, seat location, relevant notes and sale information including card type and identification information and amount charged. tixtickets.net may generate future email notices regarding pre-event reminders or related performer or venue information. If tixtickets.net cannot confirm order as requested, tixtickets.net will work with USER and make reasonably commercial effort to find comparable or better replacements at no additional cost to USER. If tixtickets.net cannot deliver tickets as ordered by USER after USER has received confirmation from tixtickets.net, tixtickets.net will work with USER and make reasonably commercial effort to try and ensure USER satisfaction by delivering comparable or better seats than those ordered by USER at no additional cost to USER or allow USER to receive a full refund for stated, confirmed price of tickets and all related fees and applicable taxes (if any). When possible, all tickets will be shipped to USER by approved method within one business day of confirmation of order. Tickets may not be available at time of order for certain events. An ‘in-hand’ date in the future indicates when the supplier will have tickets in their possession and therefore indicates when tickets will ship. Expedited shipping will not alter shipping dates. In some cases, USER may be asked to sign for packages. Shipment to Post Office Box or 3rd party postal outlet may require additional verification and associated additional fees. USER requesting INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING must select the appropriate INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY option. Failure to select correct option may result in added fees after confirmation or incomplete deliveries. tixtickets.net will make commercially reasonable attempts to deliver tickets via an approved method. If USER’s tickets are returned to tixtickets.net as undelivered, tixtickets.net will make a commercially reasonable attempt to contact USER and make arrangements to re-deliver tickets. When an order is fully confirmed, USER will receive an email and will no longer see USER order as pending in “My Account”. Orders fully confirmed by tixtickets.net and the seller become eligible for up to 100% money back guarantee. If legitimate tickets are not delivered to you in time of the event and such delivery failure is not caused by USER (i.e. you are not home to sign for the package and did not pick up the tickets from your local FedEx facility) you are eligible to receive a refund up to 100% of your order. In some extremely rare instances a venue may remove a row of seats or move seat locations at the last minute without any warning. This circumstance is beyond the control of the tixtickets.net and the seller and is not eligible for a 100% refund. Despite every attempt by the tixtickets.net to display accurate ticket information, errors in price, venue, time and performer may occur. tixtickets.net will not be held liable if venue or performer change time or date. USER may contact Customer Service prior to finalizing sale to verify all ticket information. tixtickets.net does not guarantee the accuracy of event information on tixtickets.net including but not limited to event name, event location or venue, event start time or event date. Notes may be displayed with ticket information prior to purchase. These notes may indicate specific conditions such as obstructed view, partial view and/or limited view. In the case of theater or show tickets this may include notes such as behind the orchestra, mezzanine, side view, behind the stage or aisle. There may also be age restrictions noted. These conditions are known prior to purchase and are not grounds for any refund or exchange. tixtickets.net will take commercially reasonable precautions to protect tixtickets.net and USER against FRAUDULENT credit/debit card usage. tixtickets.net will attempt to verify name, address and contact information for billing and shipping. tixtickets.net may request additional verification of USER identification including valid state drivers license or federal passport. USERS who fail to provide required identification may have their purchase denied. By nature, the ticket market is dynamic and constantly changing so tickets displayed may not be available at time of purchase. tixtickets.net will not guarantee tickets as ordered until USER is in possession of tickets. Immediately upon receiving tickets, it is USER’s responsibility to verify performer, venue, date, time and seat location of tickets is accurate. USER is responsible to maintain possession of tickets until time of use. tixtickets.net will not replace lost or stolen tickets. USER agrees to adhere to all rules, procedures and policies of the venue and performer. Inappropriate behavior by USER resulting in ejection from the venue will be the responsibility of the USER as will any and all fines, legal expenses or other expense that are incurred by USER as a result of the ejection. Additionally, USER will be solely responsible for all damage they may inflict against venue, performer, other attendees, employees of the venue or any other person. USER may only view and visit the tixtickets.net for their own personal use to view, purchase and track tixtickets.net ticket sales and delivery. USER is not allowed to modify, duplicate, share, distribute, reverse engineer, hack or otherwise mis-use tixtickets.net information. All software is property of Ticket Evolution and is protected by U.S. and International copyright laws. tixtickets.net is only responsible for content as it pertains to viewing and purchasing event tickets and cannot guarantee or control any content that may display resulting from other links or other searches. USER agrees to indemnify and hold the tixtickets.net, and tixtickets.net subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees and other partners, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or damage including legal fees resulting from USER’s use of the tixtickets.net including links to or from other sites. USER agrees to indemnify and hold the Ticket Evolution, and Ticket Evolution subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees and other partners, harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or damage including legal fees resulting from USER’s use of the tixtickets.net including links to or from other sites. Under no conditions will tixtickets.net be liable to USER for any damages beyond a stated refund of amount plus credit paid by USER for tickets ordered. USER will be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred by USER and tixtickets.net associated with USER’s disputed charges or chargebacks and there will be no exceptions. tixtickets.net is available ‘as-is’. USER understands that programs, software, hardware, computing technology and all related technology, network, network infrastructure and systems are, by nature, unstable and subject to glitches, downtime, incompatibility and failure and that tixtickets.net will in no way be responsible for any issues arising with USER’s computer, device, phone or other equipment that USER may incur while viewing and using tixtickets.net. tixtickets.net will not be responsible or liable for any damages arising to USER or to USER’s computer, device, phone or other equipment from use of tixtickets.net. tixtickets.net will not be responsible, be in default or liable due to inability to completely deliver against obligations as a result of any Act of God including but not limited to fire, earthquake, flood, tornado, epidemic, or any civil disturbance, act of terrorism, war, embargo, failure of power, transportation or other similar act not under control of tixtickets.net. USER may set up an Account with their unique identification and password. USER must be over 18 years of age and present information that is accurate and truthful. USER understands the tixtickets.net may show tickets for events that have age restrictions for entry i.e. require minimum age of 21 to enter. tixtickets.net will not be responsible for any refund if event or venue restricts entry to adults 21 years of age or older and user is under age and is denied entry. tixtickets.net will not be responsible if event or venue has any age restrictions the user does not meet and will not issue any refund. USER account may be terminated with or without notice, for any reason. USER must maintain confidentiality of log-in information and should notify tixtickets.net if they feel this information has been compromised. tixtickets.net will comply with local, state and federal law enforcement request or subpoena pertaining to any alleged criminal investigation or illegal activities. tixtickets.net may initiate legal process or make reports to appropriate law enforcement agencies if it suspects USER of criminal activity. This Agreement shall be interpreted in its entirety in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. Any legal action must be filed in New York, NY. USER, tixtickets.net and Ticket Evolution agree that English is the governing language of this Agreement.
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